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Image of a Vancouver 2010 torch bearer

For some, it was watching Sidney Crosby’s golden goal. For others, it was cheering on the Olympic torch as it passed through their hometown. From trading Olympic pins, to getting your hands on a pair of official red mittens, or seeing the spectacular Opening Ceremony for the Paralympic Winter Games, everyone has their own shining Vancouver 2010 moment.

But of all the countless memories from Vancouver 2010, the one that burns the brightest is the feeling of pride that still comes back today as we remember the 27 glorious days when all eyes were on Canada, watching us share the best of who we are with the world. From coast to coast to coast, what Canadians dreamed together, we now remember together---a shared experience that brought us all together like nothing in a generation.Image of Sidney Crosby after just scoring the Golden Goal at Vancouver 2010 

Today, the impact of Vancouver 2010 can be seen everywhere, from the places where we gather and celebrate, to countless podium finishes for our athletes. But of all the many legacies that Vancouver 2010 left behind, the most important one was belief---the confidence to not just dream big things, but to achieve them.

A future Games in the region would give us a chance to dream big once again, to make new memories and to remember the past, by acknowledging and honouring the history of the Indigenous peoples upon whose traditional territory these Games will be hosted.

We encourage you to share your story below about the impact Vancouver 2010 had on you and your community, or to share what you envision for a future Games in the region.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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    IYG/Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies

    by Wilf_316, about 1 year ago

    Ever since being a great role model to my community of the Lake Babine Nation of Burns Lake, I was just getting off my lunch break and one of our elected councilors’ told me I was selected to perform at the v 2010 Opening Ceremonies.

    Unfortunately, it was too late as the elected leaders gave me the package on the last day and was working until 6pm at the time, but newly elected chief pulled some strings and I was accepted immediately.
    When we arrived and was ready to plan out the details on our performance in Squamish, they have... Continue reading

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    A Legacy Luge Athlete

    by Julie, about 1 year ago
    I was lucky to be able ot attend some of the sliding sport events in Whistler. I also got a chance to dance in the opening ceremonies. By the time the olympics arrived in 2010, I was 8 months pregnant. My daughter attended many events in Whistler and Vancouver in utero. As I performed in the opening ceremoniues, many athletesfrom all countries rubbed my pregnant belly and she got the energy and spirit from the games built in to her.

    Jump ahead 6 years in grade 1, and she heard about a opporutnty to try luge in Whistler. She asked... Continue reading

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    Torch Bearer from coast to coast

    over 1 year ago

    The 2010 Olympic experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. The excitement started watching the IOC vote live and cheering when Vancouver won the bid in 2003. I spent the years leading up to the Games looking for ways to get involved. I was only 5 years old during Calgary 1988 but the impact of watching the Olympic torch relay pass by close to my house has been etched in my memory ever since. For Vancouver 2010, I was one of the lucky ones chosen to be a torch bearer. It was such a special moment... Continue reading

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    From Vancouver 2010 to Tokyo 2020

    over 1 year ago

    When Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympic Games I was in grade 10, an impressionable 16 year old trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

    I was lucky enough to get to attend the Opening Ceremony with my family and I loved every single minute of it. When the athlete parade began I was transfixed. I could not keep my eyes off of the athletes, imagining how proud they must feel to be representing their respective countries. Knowing that they had made it, that this was the pinnacle of athletic competition. That single moment was so... Continue reading

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    A moment I'll never forget

    over 1 year ago

    Being named Vancouver 2010 Olympic Flag Bearer for Team Canada was a moment I’ll never forget. It was an honour that left me… nervous! I had my first race 36 hours after the Opening Ceremony and began to worry I wouldn’t be able to perform to my potential with such a short window of time. My friends from Squamish Nation reached out to me when they saw how nervous I was. They offered friendship and support to help me ‘open my heart and mind’ to the experience of competing at home. With their support, I realized I could indeed do... Continue reading