A Legacy Luge Athlete

I was lucky to be able ot attend some of the sliding sport events in Whistler. I also got a chance to dance in the opening ceremonies. By the time the olympics arrived in 2010, I was 8 months pregnant. My daughter attended many events in Whistler and Vancouver in utero. As I performed in the opening ceremoniues, many athletesfrom all countries rubbed my pregnant belly and she got the energy and spirit from the games built in to her.

Jump ahead 6 years in grade 1, and she heard about a opporutnty to try luge in Whistler. She asked my partner and I if she could go. She was a bit of a worrier and not one I would describe as a thrill seeker (she left that to her younger sister). But we agreed to take her up. Well to make a long story short, one run and she was hooked. She has been luging since the age of 6. Now 12, she has dreams of being an olympian. She has trained with current olympians as they moved up the ranks and as a mom, it is amazing the access she has to teh fastest track in the world. At age 12 she is going 110 km an hour and only has goals to go faster.

She is a true legacy of the 2010 olympics. And we are grateful to all the opportunities presented to us due to the olympics, from family ski trips to the whistler olympic park, to watching both our kids luge and find a passion for life.

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