IYG/Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies

Ever since being a great role model to my community of the Lake Babine Nation of Burns Lake, I was just getting off my lunch break and one of our elected councilors’ told me I was selected to perform at the v 2010 Opening Ceremonies.

Unfortunately, it was too late as the elected leaders gave me the package on the last day and was working until 6pm at the time, but newly elected chief pulled some strings and I was accepted immediately.
When we arrived and was ready to plan out the details on our performance in Squamish, they have told us we have to keep it a secret by not telling our family, friends, and community on what we have in store for the world. We even cannot go outside the arena as the press will be flying over us to catch some glimpse on what’s in store.
we rehearse for two weeks without telling anyone our secret plans and we’re ready to make history in front of the world.
The day finally came and we were next after the Four Host First Nation does their welcome, we danced in either we’re the First Nations of the Northwest, the Métis Nation, the Inuits, the Prairies, and the First Nations of the East. We danced our hearts off by representing our nations abd welcoming in the Athletes of the world.
It was really fun and made a lot of good friends, but not just friends, but us Indigenous Youth Gathering (IYG), we were family. I am blessed and honoured to represent my nation. I just hope in 2030 that I can do that again. I would love to return to represent my nation and for IYG.
I hope Vancouver gets again as I’m up for the opportunity again.
Tebee mes’iy c’o (Big Thank You in Nedut’en Carrier)

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