Torch Bearer from coast to coast

The 2010 Olympic experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. The excitement started watching the IOC vote live and cheering when Vancouver won the bid in 2003. I spent the years leading up to the Games looking for ways to get involved. I was only 5 years old during Calgary 1988 but the impact of watching the Olympic torch relay pass by close to my house has been etched in my memory ever since. For Vancouver 2010, I was one of the lucky ones chosen to be a torch bearer. It was such a special moment to run in front of family and friends in my small hometown in Newfoundland. Every year since, I love bringing my torch to my school in February and sharing it with my students. They are now hoping for the 2030 Games to return to Canada so that they can have their own experience.

- Lesley Facey, Vancouver 2010 Torch Bearer & Team Canada fan

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